Let Rudd School of Rock's expert ukulele teachers who are all high-achieving real musicians teach you to play ukulele like a real musician.  Our ukulele lessons are available from our teaching venues in Auckland Central, Eastern Bays, East Auckland and North Shore. Whether you want to learn to play for fun or you hope of joining the Ukulele Orchestra one day, Rudd School of Rock will help get you there.

Ukulele is a great instrument to play and being so transportable it can travel anywhere and everywhere giving you access to instant music for that impromptu sing-a-long!  Fun for both adults and children to learn and play, but we think it is a particularly suitable instrument to learn as an introduction to music for younger children (4-7 years) before moving onto other more technical instruments such as guitar, piano, bass, singing or drums.  

Key Features of our Ukulele Lessons

  • Individual one-on-one lessons so that students have the sole attention of their teacher during each lesson for maximum learning success;
  • Lessons are customised and adapted for each student  according to their skill level, rate of progress, and particular music interests because one-size-fits-all does not bring out the best in each student;
  • Our specialist ukulele teachers have years of real-world music industry experience as performers/songwriters, have a wealth of practical knowledge, and are passionate about sharing that knowledge with future generations of piano/keyboard players;
  • Lessons cover a range of musical styles and genres including rock, pop, blues, classical and jazz from both modern and historic artists so that all students build solid musical foundations;
  • Teaching method designed to accelerate learning by teaching ukulele fundamentals (technique, chords, scales, notes, theory) in a practical manner through performing songs/exercises;
  • Once basic fundamentals covered, students are encouraged to develop their own musical identities by choosing preferred musical genre(s) to focus on e.g. rock, blues, etc;
  • Lessons are designed to be challenging but fun for students.

Please phone/email us to find out more information and to book your lesson time.

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