Due to NZ being in COVID-19 lockdown, all Rudd School of Rock lessons are currently being held online and not at our teaching venues.

New student registrations are still welcome.

Rudd School of Rock is an Auckland based music school specialising in Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Keyboard/Piano, Singing/Vocals and Ukulele tuition for kids and adults from absolute beginner to advanced levels.  We are the music school of choice for those who are serious about learning a musical instument, whether for fun or to develop lifetime music skills and a potential career in music.  If you want the best music tuition for yourself or your child, look no further than Rudd School of Rock.

Rudd School of Rock Director Peter J Rudd is an award-winning musician with 30 years global music experience.  He founded Rudd School of Rock in 2005, with the aim of developing a music school in Auckland that provides music tuition of the highest quality - the kind of teaching that inspires true musicianship, encourages a lifelong love of music, and lays firm foundations for budding music performers and creators of tomorrow.  We don't just teach you to read music and play songs.  We aim to teach you to master the techniques that will make you a top guitarist, singer, keyboard player or drummer and we teach you to understand the inner workings of music so you have the foundation knowledge required to create your own original songs and signature style.  

We offer professional tuition in:

  • Guitar (Acoustic & Electric)
  • Bass Guitar
  • Drums & Percussion
  • Keyboard & Piano
  • Singing & Vocals
  • Ukulele


And although "Rock" is in our name, we are not just limited to teaching Rock music!  Our music lessons cover techniques and styles across a range of music genres – rock, pop, jazz, classical and blues covering the works of modern artists and past legends.  We ensure all students build solid musical foundations, but as lessons are individual, we are able to customise your lesson to suit your particular music tastes.

Why Learn With Us

It is widely known that trying to learn a musical instrument through group lessons, books/dvds/internet and formulaic teaching methods are not effective if you really want to play an instrument well.  Too often, students start learning this way and simply lose interest and give up.  Lessons become boring, frustrating, little or no progress is made, and no one cares if you are potentially one of tomorrow’s greatest musicians. 

At Rudd School of Rock, WE CARE!

To achieve our mission 'Building Future Music Leaders', and to set ourselves apart from other music schools, we pride ourselves on offering:

  • Expert teachers who are real musicians
  • Individual lessons focused only on YOU

Key Features of Our Music Lessons  

Listed below are some key features of Rudd School Of Rock music tuition that we firmly believe sets us apart from the competition:

  • Individual one-on-one music lessons so that students have the sole attention of their teacher during each lesson for maximum learning success;

  • Music lessons are customised and adapted for each individual student according to their skill level, rate of progress, and particular music interests because one-size-fits-all does not bring out the best in each student;

  • Our expert teachers have real-world music industry experience as performers/songwriters and have a wealth of practical knowledge to share with students working towards becoming future musicians;

  • Lessons cover a range of musical styles and genres including rock, pop, blues, country, classical and jazz from both modern and historic artists so that all students build solid musical foundations;

  • Teaching method designed to accelerate learning by teaching music fundamentals (technique, chords, scales, notes, theory) in a practical manner through performing songs/exercises;

  • Once basic fundamentals covered, students are encouraged to develop their own musical identities by choosing preferred musical genre(s) to focus on e.g. rock, blues, etc;

  • Lessons are designed to be challenging but fun for the student.

Be Your Best By Learning With The Best.  Call us today!

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